About The Travelling Band

Thanks for stopping by! You’re probably wondering who the Travelling Band are.

We’re a group of friends who love to make beautiful music together. We’re also a group of friends who love to travel. So, we combine our passions. We play music. We travel. We play music and we travel.

What could be better than traveling with your good friends? Traveling with your good friends who adore music too!

As the Travelling Band we explore the world with our musical instruments and talents, sharing the rhythm and the beat with people we meet along the way.

There’s nowhere we won’t play. You may see the Travelling Band making melodies on the beach. You might hear the tunes floating through the crisp mountain air. You could spot us warming up our instruments and vocal cords in a hostel common room. Wherever we go our music is right there with us too.

Sometimes we connect with other music-loving travelers. Sometimes we spend evenings jamming with locals. The Travelling Band is always looking for inventive ways to incorporate the sounds of the world in its music.

Have you ever stopped to listen to the magical music of the globe? From the sounds of Cuban bongo drums and the lilting of Peruvian panpipes to the jazz of New Orleans, the high pitch of the Irish flute and the dull drone of the Indigenous Australian didgeridoo, people of the world produce so many instruments, styles and sounds.

Traveling lets us hear these different sounds first hand. We can play along and learn new skills. We can teach the locals our groove. We can connect on a deeper level through music.

Music runs through our blood. It fills our soul.    

Music is an international language. If you can make music with someone, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a single word in common. If you can make someone smile just by listening to your music, there’s no need for a shared spoken language. The Travelling Band uses music to connect with people all over the world.

Do you speak our language? Do you speak music?

Join us on our adventure as we discover the world and the world discovers our music.