Tips for Keeping Instruments Safe While Traveling in an RV

When you have bulky items, such as musical instruments, that you want to take on vacation, traveling by private vehicle can make matters more convenient. It can also help to keep costs down. Additionally, it’s often easier to keep instruments safe while traveling in an RV; you don’t have to trust that other people will be gentle when handling your items.

Nevertheless, vehicles can become damaged when in transit, no matter how you transport them. These handy hints and tips should help you to keep your instruments safe while traveling in an RV, ensuring that the music is never silenced. Rent an RV in Austin and spread your music throughout Texas and beyond.

Pad Cases Well

However you are transporting musical instruments, constant moving around can cause instruments to bounce around and hit the insides of their cases. Use towels, t-shirts and other soft-but-tough items of clothing to pad your cases. Don’t use flimsy fabrics, though, as you don’t want to damage your clothes! Make sure that there are no buttons, zips, or sequins that could scratch your instruments.

If you don’t have enough soft items to pad your cases you may want to consider buying a long roll of bubble wrap or using polystyrene packing to prevent your instruments from banging around inside the cases.

Ensure Instruments are Secure

As well as padding the cases you should also make sure that your instruments are stowed well inside the RV. Storing your instruments in a place here they cannot fall or slide while you’re driving is an important part in keeping instruments safe while traveling in an RV. Pack instruments in cupboards, with external padding, or fill empty spaces with other items to prevent things from shifting around.

Consider if you have to come to an abrupt stop if things are likely to move significantly inside your vehicle. Bungee straps can add more peace of mind; tie your instruments in place while driving.

Carrying instruments outside of your vehicle, for example on a roof rack or strapped to the back, is not recommended. Rain and sunshine aren’t kind to instruments, especially those made from wood. There is also a greater chance of them becoming loose and falling or being damaged in the event of a collision.

Plan Ahead Where to Store Instruments at Night

Make sure that you have somewhere safe and secure to store your instruments when you are sleeping. You really don’t want to be trying to step over a large guitar, drum kit or similar to make a bathroom trip in the dark! Not only could you damage your instruments but you could also hurt yourself. Furthermore, don’t store heavy items above your head.

Don’t be tempted to toss your instruments into an awning overnight; damp, humidity, and condensation can cause havoc!

Keep Instruments Out of Sight

When parking up and taking trips away from your RV, for example, if you spend a day on the beach, make sure that your instruments can not be seen from outside the vehicle. Put them in cupboards. Cover cases with blankets. Draw the curtains. Musical instruments are usually fairly expensive and you don’t want to be a victim of instrument theft.

Slacken Strings and Loosen Drum Heads

When traveling with stringed instruments, such as guitars, violins and cellos, loosen the strings a little bit to reduce the chance of strings snapping while in transit. Don’t forget to relieve the tension in bows too. You can tighten and retune when you want to play. Loosen the heads of drums too to minimize the risk of damage.

Insure Your Instruments

If you do not already have good insurance cover for your instruments now is a good time to shop around! No matter how many steps you take to keep your instruments safe while traveling in an RV, mishaps can happen. Knowing that you’re covered in the event that something does happen to your instrument(s) can reduce some of the stress of traveling with expensive kit. Thefts, motor accidents and other unforeseen circumstances can ruin your trip and be costly if you don’t plan ahead.

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to keeping instruments safe while traveling in an RV. A few small steps can help to make your trip easier and more enjoyable. Taking your instruments on a trip can, however, help you to have heaps more fun. Have a terrific time and make many beautiful melodies on your adventures!

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