4 Top Things Every Traveller Needs in Their Bag

Whether it is a long road trip with family or a three-day flight with complete strangers, there are always times that we wish we had these things in our bag to make the journey easier.

  1. MiFi Hotspot

All you’ll need to make this useful is to be near enough to a 3G capable cell tower, and you’ll be set to use all of your devices to their full potential. We’ve all had to suffer through a long trip with an unconnected laptop, and it’s only ever more frustrating when you do have access to the internet, but only on your tiny cell phone screen. At around R500~ new, and with many available second-hand, these new champions are a suitable solution for most people.

  1. Leatherman or Victorinox Swiss Knife

These incredible machines aren’t just your dad’s favourite new toy that he received for Christmas – the range of sizes that the newer models come in makes them even better suited to almost all travellers. You can remove most of the knife attachments and store them in your luggage bag if you’re taking a flight – airport security would much rather keep your treasured knife than allowing you on a flight with it! Find cheap knockoffs all over most street markets, and while they lack the versatility of official Leatherman or Victorinox products, they often last a decent while and retain all the same usefulness. Search Gumtree for some unbelievable offers on these handy tools.

  1. International Plug Converters

These stay essential even after returning from your journey. There are few things worse than the disappointment of not being able to use your freshly bought gadgets in your home upon returning from the lands of the lower exchange rates. One of those few things is being unable to charge your laptop or cell phone in the hotel room, and therefore unable to let your boss know that your remote working plans are thwarted by a lack of plug adapters.

  1. Money

This might seem like a no-brainer, but if you feel like you’ve forgotten something, it’s almost always better to pack a few extra bucks than it is to wander around a store buying odds and end that you might need in an oddly specific situation. Money gives you the unique ability to deal with any of those events without much foresight. You’re bound to forget something, so prepare to forget!

There you have it – four things that you’ll likely find a use for when travelling. Our only remaining advice is to use your discretion and to go travelling as soon as possible! The most important part of any backpack is the backpacker, after all. Happy travelling!

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