About us

Do you love music? Do you love travel? We do! Join us on our musical journey around the globe as we connect with people through melodies and find our own harmonies in all corners of the world.

Music bridges language barriers, breaks down cultural divides and helps people to share passions. As a group of music-loving, travel-loving and fun-loving friends, we share our music with people far and wide.

If you happen to spot us on our travels come play with us, sing along or simply tap your feet! Music is infectious. And we want to infect the world with the happiness that great sounds can bring.


Who We Are


Music can transport us to another time and place. But instead of relying on music to carry us away, the Travelling Band brings its music along for the ride.


We are all about blending two different yet complementary interests. Both stir emotions and make us feel alive.


We’ll share cool stories about world music, show you the best spots to listen to music and the top places to make your own sounds.

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